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We offer homemade pickles in Toronto area. We choose the best ingredients to assure the quality. We have different pickles (Iranian Torshi) with different tastes.

Sour Cherry Torshi
$7.50(In Stock)

Sour Cherry Torshi is a staple in the persian cuisine. The sweet and tangy flavours of the sour cherry pairs very nicely with the apple cider vinegar. It is so addicting that can be enjoyed by itself or with any of your favourite meals!

sour cherry torshitorshisour cherrypickle

Mango Tamarind Torshi
$7.99(In Stock)

Mango Tamarind Torshi has a unique flavour that can be enjoyed on its own and with foods such as fish or chicken. The sweetness of mangos pairs perfectly with the tangy flavours of tamarind and apple cider vinegar.

mango tamarind torshipersian picklepickle

Makhlut Torshi
$7.99(Out of Stock)

Makhlut Torshi is a traditional and staple Torshi made of fresh vegetables, apple cider vinegar, herbs and spices. It is the perfect combination of crunchy, tangy and flavourful pickled vegetables that make for a delicious side dish to every meal.

iranian cuisineapple cider vinegaralma goodiesmakhlut torshimixed torshi

Bandari Torshi (Spicy)
$7.99(In Stock)

Spicy Torshi Bandari is a perfect combination of tangy and spicy flavours made from fresh vegetables, apple cider vinegar, and tomato juice. The mixture of garlic, Persian shallots, herbs and spices give this Torshi the perfect taste and aroma to complement many foods especially Iranian cuisine.

bandari torshispicyapple cider vinegaralma goodiespickletorshi bandari

Eggplant Cabbage Torshi
$5.99(In Stock)

Eggplant Cabbage Torshi is a mixture of red cabbage and eggplant. It is a simple yet versatile torshi that combines the crunchy texture of cabbage with the creaminess of eggplant. It has a tangy kick that pairs exquisitely with savory foods.

eggplant cabbage torshieggplant torshiapple cider vinegarcabbage torshipickle

Liteh Torshi
$7.99(In Stock)

Liteh Torshi is a classic Torshi that would entice any eggplant lover. It is made from pureed eggplants, a variety of other vegetables and spices. Golpar (ground Angelica) gives this torshi a unique flavour that pairs exceptionally well with the rich eggplant base.

iranian cuisineeggplantapple cider vinegaralma goodiestorshi iraniliteh torshipickle

Stuffed Eggplant Torshi
$8.99(In Stock)

Stuffed Eggplant Torshi is made from eggplants stuffed with garlic, herbs and spices. Pickled in apple cider vinegar for a pleasant tangy element that perfectly complements the richness of the eggplant.

bademjoon torshipicklesapple cider vinegaralma goodiestorshistuffed eggplant

Garlic Torshi
$7.99(In Stock)

Garlic Torshi is garlic pickled in apple cider vinegar and date syrup. This Torshi pairs exceptionally well with seafood and a variety of rice-based dishes.

picklesdate syrupgarlic torshisir torshigarlic pickleapple cider vinegaralma goodies

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