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Dried Sour Orange Peel - A Citrusy Zest for Culinary Delights (150 grams)

Dried Sour Orange Peel - A Citrusy Zest for Culinary Delights (150 grams)

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Unleash the vibrant and tangy flavors of Dried Sour Orange Peel in your kitchen. This 150 grams pack of citrus wonder is an essential ingredient for those who love to add a zesty twist to their culinary creations. Perfect for a variety of dishes, this dried peel offers a concentrated burst of sour orange flavor that is both refreshing and aromatic.


Key Features:

  1. Intense Citrus Flavor: The dried sour orange peel provides a robust and tangy citrus flavor, ideal for enhancing the taste of a wide range of dishes.

  2. Versatile Use: Excellent for baking, making marmalades, flavoring marinades, or as an aromatic addition to teas and cocktails.

  3. Rich in Nutrients: Sour orange peel is a great source of vitamins, particularly Vitamin C, and contains antioxidants that promote overall health.

  4. Convenient and Long-Lasting: The drying process preserves the peel, extending its shelf life and making it a convenient ingredient for any pantry.

  5. Natural and Pure: Our Dried Sour Orange Peel is free from artificial additives and preservatives, ensuring a high-quality, natural product.

  6. Aromatic Addition: Its strong, citrusy aroma adds a fresh and invigorating scent to any culinary creation.

  7. Perfectly Packaged: The 150-gram packaging is ideal for home cooks and professional chefs alike, providing just the right amount for numerous culinary experiments.



  • Comes in a 150-gram pack, perfectly sized for regular use without excess.
  • The packaging is designed to keep the peel dry and preserve its intense flavor and aroma.

Ideal For:

  • Culinary enthusiasts looking to add a zesty, citrus flavor to their dishes.
  • Bakers and confectioners seeking a natural citrus ingredient for their creations.
  • Health-conscious individuals who appreciate the benefits of natural, vitamin-rich ingredients.

Elevate your cooking with the tangy and aromatic essence of Dried Sour Orange Peel - a simple addition for extraordinary flavors!


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